About Digital Folios Inc.

Writing. Editing. Research.

I started Digital Folios Inc. (DFI) way back in 1997 (after selling the bookstore) to pursue opportunities in communications with a particular interest, originally, in CD-ROM production and the Web.

Today DFI provides storytelling, writing, editing, research and web content services.

In the past 19 years I have, through DFI:

  •  written and edited millions of words of web copy, and a lot of print copy too, in a variety of styles.
 worked in-house for over three years on the Canadian Army national web team as Web Content Coordinator and Senior News Editor.
  •  Editor-in-Chief of This Week @ IC, national employee newsletter, Industry Canada.
 developed complete websites, from scratch in Dreamweaver.
 interviewed senior executives and government bureaucrats for websites and situation reports.
 researched best web practices reviewed and critiqued websites per contract.
  •  participated in research concerning online user experience (UX).
 edited book manuscripts for private publication.

Some DFI projects were for (alphabetic order);

 Canadian Museum of Nature
 The Canadian Bank Note Company Limited
 Communications Security Establishment Canada
  •  (Former) City Councillor Clive Doucet (Web administrator/advisor for 12 years, Web, electronic comms manager for his 2010 mayoralty campaign)
  •  Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada
 First Stage Talent Agency
  •  GAPC – General Assembly Production Centre (video and media production)
  •  Industry Canada
  •  Ministry of Natural Resources (Ontario)
 Pentor Communications Inc.
 Public Works and Government Services Canada,

Digital Folios Inc. continues to be the contractor of record for projects initiated through murrayrobroymcgregor.ca.

Digital Folios Inc. is registered with the Government of Canada small business procurement program, buyandsell.gc.ca  (account number on request).