Beware the Ides of January

You round that last corner and start down the home stretch. You can see the finish line banner, the sun is bright, the snow crisp, your skis are almost flying, the feeling is good, satisfying. You are a winner — until that miserable person steps out from the sidelines, knocks you off balance then runs away.
I visited my website the other day to find that I was now in the payday loan and Levitra selling businesses. Yes, I was hacked. And it was bad. Finally after a a few days of repair work I concluded I must start over. I carefully checked my master content files on my computers, looked for all the posts, the photos, made sure I had the important stuff, then went on the host server and erased my identity: at least that’s what it feels like, sort-of a violation of my inner self for a moment.
That moment fuels my comeback. Everything that is, continues. The Story Literacy project is near completion. The performance storytelling carry’s on. And some day soon a my website will return in all its new look glory.
I look forward to hearing from you.
murray [at]
+1 613-726-7300 in Ottawa, Canada